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Qoolish Black Drawer Harmony Pack of 3

Qoolish Black Drawer Harmony Pack of 3

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1. Versatile Trio of Organizers:
- Accommodates various storage needs with large, medium, and small sizes.
- Dimensions: Large (28x14x10cm), Medium (14x14x10cm), Small (28x28x10cm).

2. Durable Build:
- Constructed from robust non-woven fabric for longevity.
- 2mm thick cardboard reinforcement enhances stability.

3. Custom-Fit Design:
- Tailored to fit snugly into drawers with a 10cm depth.

4. Comprehensive Home/Office Solution:
- Effectively organizes a range of items.
- Perfect for utensils, accessories, and more with varying sizes.

5. Optimized Space Utilization:
- Customized dimensions maximize drawer space.
- Ideal for seamless sliding, ensuring a tidy appearance.

6. Reliable Storage Solution:
- Sturdy non-woven fabric and reinforced cardboard provide durability.
- Ensures reliable and organized storage for your belongings.

7. Embrace Clutter-Free Living:
- Say goodbye to clutter with these versatile organizers.
- Elevate your space's neatness with this organized living essential.

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